Building Materials

Wood, metal scrap, aggregate, reusables, asbestos

Berkeley Transfer Station
Concrete, sheetrock, unpainted wood and other construction/demolition debris can be dumped separately from ordinary garbage on the Transfer Station Floor for a fee. The materials are then tranfered separately to a C&D facility for recycling. 

Papers, cardboard
Berkeley Recycling Center

Metal scrap
Berkeley Recycling Center
Mostly scrap steel; for example, siding, flashing, re-bar, pipes and plumbing products. Accepted free of charge.

Painted/unpainted wood
Berkeley Transfer Station
Unpainted construction grade wood or garden wood for a fee. Painted wood is not recyclable and must be discarded in the trash for a fee.

Asphalt, concrete
The Berkeley Transfer Station accepts asphalt and concrete at its regular disposal fee.

Asphalt and concrete are accepted at Dutra Materials in Richmond per ton and for pick-up. Call for prices.
Dutra Materials, (510) 970-7710. 961 Western Drive, Richmond

See’s Construction & Demolition Materials Page

Clean Dirt
Usually accepted at the Richmond landfill for road and landfill cover. Call ahead to make sure they are currently accepting dirt.
West County Landfill, (510) 233-4330. 1 Parr Blvd., Richmond

Building materials re-use
Most building materials, such as doors, windows, sinks, tubs, lumber, bricks, fencing and tile, are accepted at various re-use facilities, including:
Urban Ore, (510) 841-SAVE. Website.

Asbestos is typically contained in insulation, heat ducting, old furnaces and some siding. It is hazardous to your health and the particles should not be breathed into the lungs. Asbestos must be disposed of properly. Contact a licensed asbestos waste disposal company. Asbestos is not accepted at any Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

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