Automotive Parts & Products

Metal parts, cleaners, solvents, tires, and oil

Automotive Parts
Berkeley Recycling Center
Automotive parts that are mostly metal, such as automobile hoods, doors, frames, fenders, rims, et cetera, are accepted. All engine parts must be thoroughly drained of motor oil, gear oil, and antifreeze before arrival at the site. Note: Fuel tanks not accepted.

Motor oil and oil filters
Berkeley’s Transfer Station
To find other providers to recycle your used oil see

Cleaners and solvents
Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste Facility cleaners page:
Anti-freeze, old fuel and all types of automotive cleaners, solvents, and sprays. Bring proof of Alameda County residency.

Tires (also bicycle tires)
Berkeley Transfer Station
Tires also accepted at
Don’s Tires, (510) 526-0335, 820 Gilman St.

Note: place in Batteries page
Automotive batteries
Berkeley Recycling Center
We now accept automotive batteries at the drop-off no fees. Automotive and marine batteries may also be recycled at most automotive shops and dealers throughout Berkeley.
Check with your local automotive parts/repair shops if they will take your used batteries.
For more information see’s battery page.

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