New Plastics Accepted at Berkeley Recycling

Two new categories of plastic are now being accepted at Berkeley Recycling Drop-off.

Category 1: Plastic containers

Plastic drink bottles in a bin

This category is mainly non-redemption food packaging such as yogurt and dairy tubs, food take-out containers, clam shells and drink cups. 

All containers and packaging must be empty and clean: no food residue, liquids or other contaminants. Soiled plastics with food should be washed or discarded in the garbage. No film or plastic bags.

Please put plastic bottles in #1 or #2 container bins.


Category 2:  Clean rigid plastic

Rigid plastic containers

This category includes clean 5-gallon buckets, plastic nursery pots, crates, trays, plastic furniture, large plastic containers.  “Clean” means no significant metal or wood attachments, such as a plastic chair with metal frame.  No rubber or vinyl hoses, PVC pipe, laminated plastic, toys, block styrofoam or packaging peanuts.